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These Nuggets are a treasure. We're so confident that you will enjoy every bite. We are happy to put our money where our mouth is.  Try before you Buy and Order a FREE sample—we’re sure you’ll come back for more.

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Tell us where you’d like your Nuggets sent and we’ll ship it out the next day.  Just prepare your taste buds and get ready to dive into your treasure

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We get it! How can such a Nugget be so delicious and so healthy? Well…the Magic is in the formula, and this formula calls for a box full of treasure :)

No more feeling guilty

When it comes to your well-being, we’ve got the solution that fits right into the chaos of everyday life. Our Nuggets aren’t just filling or delicious or nutritious, gosh darn we’re all three!

For your Taste buds

We are enthused with Health and Great Taste, and you will see why. With minimal raw ingredients and rich flavors, you’ll fall in love with every bite of our Nuggets.

Our inspiring story

Our treasure hunt begins with the Farmers of the Amazon Jungles in Peru.  Come join us on this journey and you will discover the true treasure lies in the emotions and sacrifice that led to the creation of NutriNugget.


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Bite into a Nutrinugget Xocolat and you will experience the rich, nutritious blend of raw chocolate and a world of superfoods.

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